Vinyl Mastering In A Digital World

Due to circumstances beyond our control this seminar has been postponed. We will post the new date as soon as it becomes available.


Come join Mastering Engineer Chris Bellman and Recording Engineer Francis Buckley on ___________________2014 for a 2-day seminar at Bernie Grundman Mastering in Hollywood, as they guide you thru preparing your mixes for professional mastering. Attendees will receive a vinyl “single“ of their mix.


As vinyl sales continue to climb the need to understand how to present mixes for this format is back. This seminar will demonstrate standard mastering techniques on day one and vinyl cutting techniques on day two. This will provide the attendees with the info necessary to help make better decisions during the mixing process.


Tickets for this event are $1000. Due to limited space only 10 spots are available and you must apply by submitting a mix.  Submissions must be received by _____________ and will be reviewed by _______________. The top 10 selected will be mastered during the seminar and each attendee will leave with a vinyl disc of their song. Kindly submit admissions to (admissions need to be 44.1k/24bit or higher resolution, no mp3’s please).  Once attendees are selected, you will receive a link to purchase a ticket.